Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kenzie's Birthday

O.k. I have decided that from now on I think I should have a separate photographer at birthdays, because I just can't seem to get any good pictures and keep the birthday festivities going!  

Besides that, we ended up keeping things low key for Kenzie's birthday. She couldn't make up her mind what she wanted, or how she wanted to celebrate. The only thing that she didn't constantly change her mind on, was that she wanted a "Miss Trunchbull" chocolate cake, like Kevin had for his birthday.  That, and she wanted hot dogs for dinner. We invited our friends the Lindsey's over to celebrate with us.  Ron and Linda watched Kenzie for us when I was working at the High School.  They are both from Hawaii and have come to be "Tutu, and Tutukani" to our family. That is, Grandma and Grandpa in Hawaiian.  Don't worry Grandparents--they are not taking your place! :)

 Kenzie did not seem to mind the absence of a huge party and truly enjoyed the day.  We went swimming at the neighborhood pool and I think by the time we left everyone there new it was Kenzie's birthday because she had to tell everyone!!  Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera to the pool.

The Tinkerbell "cafe" you see in the background has an interesting story.  One of Justin's friends' family has a toy business. Every November they hold a large parking lot toy sale and we try to help out with set up, etc. Without fail, they generously give us toys, which most of which become gifts that our children give to other's on their birthdays. the cafe, was one of these gifts. We've been trying to hide it in our closet since November. Kenzie of course found it months ago and we had to get creative on why we had it, and who was it for. We had to re-hide it about 3 times!  It was a happy day for everyone when we were finally able to give it to her. I know you're probably wondering why we didn't just give it to her when she found it. We considered it, but felt it best to have her wait. 

See what I mean about getting a good picture?! Anyway, we love this beautiful girl. She is creative and imaginative the way that Kelly was at this age and happily entertains herself with anything around her. Just the other day she was having a conversation with her feet as if they were toy figures. She even changed her voice to have them converse back with her! :) She loves wearing dresses or leotards everyday. If those aren't available, or the day we went hiking in the Natural Bridge and she had to wear denim shorts--it's quite an emotional event to get her dressed. *Sigh* She is bright and fun and we are so blessed to have her in our family. We love you Kenzie!!

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Patty said...

What a great party! And I love reading about Kenzie's creativeness. My goodness all your kids are SUPER creative and so sweet. Happy Belated Birthday Kenzie! They grow up so fast.