Friday, August 3, 2012

Cousin Swim Party #1

One of the first activities of our Randall Family Reunion was a swim party at Marc & Karen Tobler's house, (Karen is Justin's cousin).  I don't know too many things, but this I know...If the Toblers are having a party you want to be there! It is a guaranteed great time and delicious food.  Thank's Toblers for another amazing party.  We had a great time!  Here are some pictures of the highlights:

Not everyone likes to swim. How about a friendly game of Dodge Ball? This game went on and on for several hours. Everyone who played had a great time.

Even the "Big Kids" (read Dad's). :)  Yes, that is Kevin's back. 

Justin visiting with his Aunt Jane Wright and Cousin-in-Law, Lars Larsen.

Mark Randall with his sister Glenell Fuller. I think why we love family get togethers, as crazy as they can be, is the chance we get to reconnect with loved ones we haven't seen for a long time.  The memories of these visits brings a smile to my face.

Kate & her cousin Eloise, sporting the Tobler's mermaid tails. They loved wearing these and swam with them for quite a while.

Even when diving off the rocks, they wouldn't let the mermaid tails hold them back. I was just glad that they didn't trip and fall.  There were some serious guardian angels watching out for all the little ones in the pool that night.  

Kelly decided that she didn't want to change into her swimsuit, which she regretted shortly after this picture was taken. She ended up falling in the pool with her cell phone in her pocket. I'm sad to say, the phone did not recover. 

Yes! Kelly is taller than her Grandma Alonna Randall.

This picture reminds me to not do weird things with my eyes when someone is taking my picture!  Yes, I was a little tired, but still.  I did enjoy visiting with Karen and Jane, despite this goofy picture.

This is my favorite picture from that night!  Kenzie swam pretty much the entire time!  It was a great night!

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Alonna Randall said...

I loved reliving the fun reunion photos that you put on your blog! What a happy time. Thanks for sharing!